You may wonder why “escritor de futuro”, well I will not explain it here, but yes, I do write. Writing is the most underrated skill.

Writing is not only putting words together or communicating. Each write-up is a product by itself. It syntehizes many different aspects. That’s why it is and has been the best tool to share and transfer knowledge for humanity over centuries. Societies with no writing structure have gone unnoticed or have become an anecdotal piece for myths and legends.

The power of writing resides in the fact that it outlives the writer. It transcends time and generations. Even though we, as humanity, have produced tools that can also tell stories, none have replaced writing. This is because writing is language and language is a reflection of how the different cultures have understood the world and it’s complexity. Language is ideas.

Many people believe that some new ideas are, indeed, new and that someone has to invent a new word to name it. But if you look back at your language or a foreign language there is probably a word or a few words that can be used to describe exactly the meaning of that “new” idea. Ideas construct language and together they both construct cultures and civilizations.


With the advent of the blogging culture, I started a blog too. There I’ve shared a bit of different things that have caught my interest or that I care about. Pretty much I did what everyone else was doing, not a big deal. You can find those posts here: blog.stone-head.org

Around 2017 I’ve launched an Internet club at Quinpu.com. Since then I write mostly there. Although the personal side is less relevant, if not inexistent, essentially there I do comment about things that I care. Feel free to join the herd and share your ideas.